Urgent need to regulate parking for better traffic management and decongestion

Varunapuri Junction

With the growing population of both four and two wheelers, the need to regulate parking arrangements has become imperative in the interests of smooth flow of vehicular movement, pedestrian safety and decongestion of roads.
It is to be appreciated by the public at large, that while the traffic police are the main visible personnel on the roads, however the regulations and notification to ensure traffic regulation is the responsibility of the Municipal Council. The Traffic Police are only the implementing agency. But as often happens, all the ills faced by the road users is attributed to the men in uniform.
In this regard the Traffic Cell of Vasco Police has written a detailed letter to the MMC in view of the rapid deterioration in the situation. The Traffic Cell has requested the MMC to paint the parking lanes at so that parking is at the appropriate angle depending on the available width of the road. As outlined in their letter it is observed that the people are parking vehicles haphazardly leading to wastage of space

The highway from Varunapuri Junction to Shantinagar is now a NO PARKING Zone.

The highway from Varunapuri Junction to Shantinagar is now a NO PARKING Zone.

, parking on turnings near junctions causing a traffic hazard and impeding smooth traffic flow and safe pedestrian movement.
The letter further states that various parties are exploiting the space for their own purposes thus rendering it unavailable to the general public.
The Traffic Cell has also undertaken action to ensure no unauthorised parking of heavy vehicles on the 4 Lane Highway from Varunapuri Junction to Shantinagar. Traffic cones and NO Parking barriers have been placed and vehicle owners informed of the No Parking zone. Vehicles found parked here will be towed away. This is a welcome move as the parking of heavy vehicles on this stretch had led to accumulation of garbage and litter in the area and besides being an eyesore was giving scope to undesirable activities.
The Traffic Cell Vasco, in response to a query from the Superintendent of Police(Traffic), Panaji, regarding the status of PAID PARKING areas in Vasco, recommended that Paid Parking be implemented on Swatantra Path from St. Andrew’s Junction to Teles Pharmacy near Joshi Chowk, and on the centre road opposite the Municipal building from the junction to the old bus stand to Sai Baba Temple.
While on the topic of inadequacy of ON-STREET parking space, this newspaper has commented on this problem several times. We had also suggested that an on the ground audit of the OFF-STREET parking spaces of the various commercial and residential buildings needs to be undertaken to ascertain if parking spaces as per the PDA norms have been provided for. Ensuring adequate off-street parking would ease the pressure on parking spaces on the street.

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