Unusual vocations – Rajat helps you to cross your dog

Rajat 2

We live in an age of super specialisation. Getting to be a super specialist requires years of academic grind followed by years of experience in the super special field.
However there are also some niche fields that have a very small number of individuals who are adept at it. They hone their skills in their chosen field by sheer hard work and experience. Their passion and perseverance keeps them going.
There are many dog owners who would like to cross their pets. This seems easier said than done. This is where Rajat’s expertise comes in. This young, unassuming youngster, is a keen dog lover.
He got into the canine world at the age of 16yrs and initially dabbled in the sale of pups. Rajat is now just 21 but experience and keen observation has taught him a lot.
He is well versed about the best time to cross the pairs, preparing the dogs for crossing and post crossing care of the female. He also knows how to assist the pair in successful crossing. He has helped over 300 dog owners to cross their dogs and get puppies. He has a data base of various breeds.
Rajat also deals in the sale of pups. He plans to keep good stud males of popular breeds like German Shephard, Doberman, Rottweiler, etc.
His aim is to produce healthy pups with excellent breed characteristics.

If you need to cross your dog call Rajat and he will help you find an appropriate pair of that breed and assist in the process of crossing them.
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