Tourism trauma

The next tourist season is around the corner. The throngs making a beeline to savour the unique ambience of this tourist haven will soon arrive to roam the streets in search of that magic experience.
Nearer home, gang wars hit the headlines and seems to have only added to the seamier side of this tourist paradise where drug and human trafficking have been a bane.
During the fortnight gone by, standing on the footpath near the entrance to the municipal market, I happened to overhear one side of a mobile conversation. The person here seemed to be exhorting the other side to visit Goa and that December would be an ideal time. The person at the other end must have expressed some apprehensions with regard to experiencing very cold weather here at that time of the year. There was a very vehement retort by the person here, “What winter! Yahan December mein sab chaddi mein ghoomta hai.”
Just two days later was the news that there would be a crackdown on people roaming the streets or beaches inappropriately attired in only their underwear.
I wish I knew the identity of the person on the mobile, so I could tell him to advise the visitors he was inviting to Goa to ensure that their suitcases had apparel other than inner wear and pack attire that would not draw the ire of the authorities.
One wonders, what is it that makes these miniscule pieces of textile seem appropriate as street and beach wear in the minds of these individuals, holidaying here far from home, when, they would most probably not prance around with such scanty covering even in the privacy of their own homes.
Strange what anonymity can do to one’s thought process.