The COOJ Suicide Prevention Listening Helpline

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COOJ Mental Health Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust (since 2000) that works towards promoting mental health and providing for psycho-social rehabilitation services in Goa.

Recognising that the rate of suicides in Goa is a disturbing issue, COOJ has been addressing this concern since last year wherein they have been promoting suicide prevention awareness in the state. Deciding to pursue this cause further, this year, they have formalised  a suicide prevention program which includes :

  • setting up a Helpline,
  • setting up Stress Buster Clubs in schools and colleges
  • conducting Gate Keeper Workshops
  • conducting awareness programs
  • celebrating World Suicide Prevention Day annually
  • providing for internet counselling support through our page “You Matter by COOJ’

On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day, they launched on the 3rd Sept, The COOJ Suicide Prevention Listening Helpline.

The COOJ Suicide Prevention Listening Helpline. 2252525

Their facebook page called ‘You Matter by COOJ ‘ carries all the details. The Helpline service is a community based project and is solely manned by volunteers. COOJ conducted a training workshop called ‘Mindfullness Based Active Listening’ for all those who volunteered to sit on the helpline. This training was imparted by Mrs. Sandy Dias Andrade who is a Clinical Psychologist and Co-founder of JUST BEING in Pune. The helpline offers a compassionate, understanding & non judgemental listening service.

This helpline is operational from 4th Sept 2013, Monday to Friday between 3.00 p.m.-7.00 p.m. initially