Road Safety for school children

The statistic graph for road accidents keeps rising every year. Especially vulnerable are pedestrians. Add to this the rush and bustle outside schools during the mornings and school leaving time and a recipe for accidents is always in the making.

There is a urgent need to ensure traffic regulation and control and pedestrian crossing outside schools to ensure safe passage of children. Mornings see students rushing to be in school on time. Vehicles dropping students add to the clutter and chaos at these points.
The St. Andrew’s junction at 1.30 p.m. sees students rushing home, jostling with hungry office goers rushing in two and four -wheelers for lunch. The Dabolim junction is another very dangerous spot with cars speeding with passengers rushing to catch flights and those who have arrived going to their destinations.
There is quite evidently an urgent need to regulate traffic and pedestrian crossing at locations vulnerable to mishaps adjacent to schools
The PI Traffic, Vasco, Sudesh Narvekar, stated that with the existing strength of traffic policemen it was not feasible to post traffic constables at all points. The answer perhaps lies in the schools implementing the Road Safety Patrol scheme that the Goa Traffic Police have instituted.
The Traffic Police have established a Traffic Education Cell to impart training on road safety aspects. The scheme envisages the training of students by the Traffic Police department in the management of traffic and ensuring safe pedestrian crossing for students especially at the times there is maximum movement at school commencing and closing times.
The Police provide both lectures, films and talks as well as practical training at the actual locations where the R.S.P. team of the school needs to control traffic. The R.S.P. team of the school will also be supervised by a teacher of the school who will be trained as a Traffic Warden.
The R.S.P. and the Traffic Wardens of the schools will be provided appropriate uniform – berets, belts, arm bands, whistles etc., to ensure visibility and authority while regulating traffic outside their schools.
PI Traffic, Vasco, Sudesh Narvekar intimated that letters have already been sent to several schools, especially those located in places where traffic regulation is urgently needed. Some schools have also responded to join this initiative.
He however said that while the teams of the schools go through the training course there seems to be a reluctance to finally implement the scheme and carry out the regulation of traffic outside their schools on a daily basis.
Perhaps the schools could incentivise the scheme by giving students who volunteer and are selected for being part of the R.S.P. some benefits in their final report cards.
Implementing this scheme would go a long way in improving the safety of children going to and from school and also inculcate a sense of awareness in the young minds with respect to pedestrian safety that will in future also make them better and more disciplined vehicle drivers.
Schools who would like to implement this scheme in the interests of safety of their students can contact the Traffic Police Department, Vasco on Tel: or P.I. Traffic Police, Vasco Sudesh Narvekar on Mob: 7875756076.