Pursuing her passions – Mamatha Prasanna

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That time of the year is around the corner when another batch of eager raring to go youngsters will be jettisoned from the protected cocoon of their institutions into the big bad real world.
The mantra to be disseminated is “Pursue your passion”. Don’t get mired in mundane mediocrity.
Mamatha Prasanna’s journey of blossoming into a lenswoman is an apt case study.
Like many – Mamatha graduated – then did the now mandatory MBA and landed a corporate job. Getting into the daily grind of work put a full stop to everything Mamatha really wanted to do. As a Bharatnatyam exponent – she was a performing artiste and part of a troupe. She was also training children in Bharatnatyam.
But, the daily routine of a 9 to 5 job put the brakes on everything she always wanted to do. She realised that this routine was really not her cup of tea.
Then came marriage to a Naval pilot and relocation to Goa. She now had time on hand. A DSLR camera presented by a relative as a marriage gift launched Mamatha into a whole new world of photography. She explored every feature of the camera and did a lot of reading and web surfing on photography. Viewing works of others inspired her to know more on the subject.
She gravitated towards wedding photography. Indian weddings were chaotic, colourful and full of emotions and this led to portraiture.
She would carry her camera to weddings and experiment.
A chance to assist a professional photographer for a wedding shoot at Ahmedabad that came through the internet, opened the doors of opportunity. With encouragement from her husband she travelled to Ahmedabad, met people she had just communicated on email and phone and did a commendable shoot.
This gave her loads of confidence and this exposure was a huge learning experience.
This set the ball rolling. She registered on the “Goa Wedding Directory” and enquiries started trickling in that led to wedding shoots.
She has also branched into “Maternity shoots” and thereafter taking pictures of the new born child and portraitures of children.
Mamatha also teaches Bharatnatyam and has 20 children under her tutelage. She dabbles in pencil sketching too, which she gifts to friends on occasions.
Mamatha Prasanna has embarked on a creative journey that has been fulfilling and exciting.
That is what pursuing your passions can achieve.
Mamatha’s work can be viewed on her website at www.mamathaphotography.com.

She can be contacted on 9765209334.