Nirmal Kulkarni’s “The Goan Jungle Book” available now

Jungle Book Cover By Nirmal Kulkarni 1

The Goan Jungle Book is Nirmal Kulkarni’s attempt to bring together a collection of some articles and notes he has written for local newspapers and publications, which detail his several sojourns through the forests in and around Goa, and reflect his concerns as an ecologist and activist. The essays offer just a tiny glimpse of the teeming jungles of Goa – where creatures big and small thrive in habitats that are unexplored and seldom appreciated – through the eyes of a passionate ecologist and wildlife photographer.
This book costs Rs 300/- and is available in all leading book stores. The funds generated from the sales help with conservation work in the Western Ghats.

About the Author

Nirmal KulkarniNirmal Kulkarni is a Goa based herpetologist and wildlife photographer and has contributed articles and papers based on Goan wildlife to local, national and international print media for over a decade.
Though he largely trawls the surviving wild outback of the Western Ghats in Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra in search of his subjects of study, research and photography, Nirmal has also worked on research projects in Gujarat, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. He was part of a team that discovered three new species of legless amphibians, the caecilians – Goan caecilian (Gegeneophis goaensis), Large yllow stripe caecilian (Ichythiophis davidi) and Mhadei caecilian (Gegeneophis mhadeiensis). As a trainer, he has helped shape young nature enthusiasts into foot soldiers for India’s wildlife research and conservation movement – particularly reptile conservation.
Nirmal trained as an Applied Artist with photography as specialisation, before opting to do a Masters degree in Environment and Ecology. He has spent years documenting and photographing natural heritage, folk culture and wildlife, particularly the lesser-known species in his home state, Goa, and in the other forests and urban areas where he works as an ecologist and researcher. He is recipient of the Carl Zeis award, the Karmaveer award and the ECHO Best ecologist award amongst others.