Meet to co-ordinate and assess status of city development projects

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A meeting of the various government departments, as well as major organizations like the MPT, GSL, Indian Navy, CISF, Airports Authority was convened by the Hon’ble MLA Vasco, Shri Carlos Almeida to assess the status and co-ordinate the progress of various city development projects. It was also a meeting to get final views before tendering of the four major projects.
Presentations on major projects in the pipeline were given by the departments involved.
The salient points of the various project presentations are as follows:
Up-gradation of Chicalim Cottage Hospital: This hospital complex has an area of 11300 sq mtrs. The project to upgrade the complex from 60 to a 120 bed facility will cost the exchequer 23 crores.. The project will be a ground plus 1 structure. The ground floor will house the Reception, Emergency Casualty centre, 13 OPDs, vaccination centre and a morgue. The first floor would house the Operation Theatre, the in-patient wards, infectious disease ward, delivery block etc. The project is estimated to be completed in 18 months and is expected to commence shortly.
Construction of Ultra Modern Transport Hub and Government Office Complex with all modern facilities: This project will come up on the site of the existing KTC bus stand. An area of 36000 sq mtrs will be developed with 4 buildings abutting a 15 mtr ring road that will house commercial and office premises. There will be a 3 level parking facility. Care has been taken in the design of passenger facility to enable easy and convenient passenger movement as well as boarding and alighting points. All passenger movement areas will be under cover to cater for all climatic conditions The transport hub design will ensure that there is no contamination of vehicle movement areas by pedestrian passenger traffic. The facility will also be disabled friendly with ramps and other required features. The cost of this project is estimated to be Rs. 65 crores and will be completed in 18 months from commencement
Reconstruction of Existing Fish Market: This new complex will house the fish market on the ground floor and the vegetable / fruit market on the first floor. The MLA Vasco stated that there was some opposition to this project from some fisher folk. He further stated that efforts were on hand to convince them of the benefits of the project and that they would not be disadvantaged in the new complex which will have all necessary design features for storing, display of produce and ensure smooth movement of customers. In the event there continues to be opposition, Shri Almeida stated that the CM would take a strong stand and get the project going.
Vaddem Lake Development Master Plan: The development of this water body by GSUDA has gone through the Project Report and Estimation stage and is now ready for tendering.
The development of the water body comprises of two aspects – First is to improve the water quality of the lake by improving the storm drainage around the lake and enhancing the flow of water due to tidal action thereby ensuring regular flushing of the lake water. The second aspect would encompass beautification of the waterfront all around with railings, lighting, soft landscape, pavilions, benches, sitting spaces, Ganesh immersion area, senior citizens area and a small amphitheatre. The aim is to make it a recreational hub. Parking for two wheelers is being provided. (Editor’s Note: Proper off street 4 wheeler parking space needs to be provided for also).
Besides these major projects status reports of various improvement / maintenance projects undertaken by the Water Resources Dept, Electricity Dept, Sports Authority of Goa, Health Dept were also given. It was stated that the FL Gomes road would be fitted with LED street lighting as a pilot project directed by the government. Also envisaged was a multi-storied parking facility at the location of the MMC garage opposite Apna Bazar, commercial point at the old power house at Baina, improvement of Chicalim Vegetable market. The Mormugao Municipal Council house to house garbage collection was discussed. Shri Almeida, MLA Vasco showed photographs taken at various locations around Vasco where garbage was littering the area and requested the MMC to improve the collection procedure and ensure that such litter is removed.
Shri Carlos Almeida, MLA Vasco concluded this review meeting with a request to all departments to work as a team and that with a little perseverance and effort all the city improvement projects would fructify.