Little Sangamesh – Making the right noises


The Science teacher Shraddha Tari of the Government High School, Mangor was elaborating on the topic “Super Senses” and the meaning of various calls of the birds and animals to the students of class VB.
The children then exclaimed that one little classmate Sangamesh Navali could mimic the bird or animal calls with extraordinary realism.
The teacher Shraddha then made him perform in the class and was struck by Sangamesh’s prodigious mimicry talent.
Sangamesh’s sounds are now part of the school’s stage programmes on all special occasions.
The young lad’s repertoire is now not very extensive but his prodigious natural ability to mimic to perfection is very evident.
Ten year old Sangamesh’s bright innocent eyes light up when you appreciate the sounds he mimics.
This mimicry star in the making needs support and guidance in realising his potential and achieving greater heights with his exceptional talent.