A word that has several connotations.
In the pure physical form it is the energy from that heavenly body that is the source of the primary energy – the sun.
It can be used to denote the weight of an object. When used to describe a colour it brings to mind shades where the pigment is in small measure.
Light-hearted – can be used as an expression of character of a person – a person not likely to complain of high blood pressure or mental tensions.
Taking things lightly is not a quality much appreciated at the workplace.
But above all man has been bestowed with that most superior quality in the animal kingdom – the ability to see “the light” – not just its physical form but the ability to achieve the higher intellectual plane.
The ‘Festival of Lights’ that will be celebrated in the coming week is an event that seeks to inculcate in the populace the need to aim for that higher mental plane – to attain a level of thinking that goes beyond mere earthly considerations.
Achieving this level of thinking is not an easy feat. Nevertheless, constant reminders such as this festival time can take one a step closer to that plane- however miniscule it may be.
So, may this ‘Festival of Lights’ illuminate the minds and hearts to make this world a better place to live in.
Wishing the neighbourhood a Happy Diwali.