Kismet and Karma have brought Pam Handa to our neighbourhood

Meet Pam Handa nee Kochhar
Pam Handa Books

People with artistic inclinations have always found the serenity, ambience, culture and life style of our State an elixir for their aesthetic sensibilities.
This was precisely what made Pam and Dr. P.K. Handa relocate to our neighbourhood in February this year, after retirement from active professional pursuits.
Pam HandaPam Handa is a writer by passion. Having spent her prime years in Ghana and U.K., she distilled her cross cultural experiences into a literary work – “Of Kismet and Karma”. This is a narration of her journey of self-discovery while living in those foreign lands. Pam’s work is truly a reflection of her colour-blind mind inspired by her life in these countries. It is a cross-cultural journey, containing vivid images and descriptions of her rich, first—hand experiences and life in a multicultural society. It contains her impressions about things, philosophical thoughts as well as cultural beliefs.
This has been put in a light chatty style that is eminently readable and engrossing.
Her literary expressions in verse have also been published in three books. These poems are on varied diverse topics that triggered a thought, comment or viewpoint. These three works have now been collated into a single collection – “Wings of the Heart”. Her poems are rhythmic, soulful and meaningful. They describe a panoramic view of the millions of thoughts, hopes, fears, joys, achievements, failures despair, dejection, rejection we as human beings are bound to face in life. They will surely touch the hearts of most of you who still maintain a sentimental side to your characters even in today’s materialistic world where there is no time to stand and stare!

She has been part of the Chandigarh Literary Festival 2013 where she recited her poem on the city penned for the occasion. The 2012 Georgetown, Malaysia, Literary Festival Wayangkata Poetry Event also saw Pam share her literary expressions.
Pam Handa is keen to share her literary experiences and expressions with people of similar inclinations.
Her books are available through and Trafford Publishers U.S.A.

Pam Handa nee Kochhar did her schooling at the Sacred Heart Convent, Dalhousie. Thereafter,she did her graduation and Masters in English, French and Philosophy from Punjab University and was a Gold medallist. She thereafter, taught at this University. While her husband was practicing medicine in the U.K., Pam qualified in courses on Teaching English as a foreign language from Manchester and Cambridge Universities.. In 1972 the Handas emigrated to Ghana, where Pam taught at various institutions across that country as well as the Ghana International and French Schools in the capital city of Accra, Ghana.

Dr. P.K. Handa, served in the Indian Army Medical Corps. A Pediatrician and Specialist in Tropical Medical and General Practice, he has been a Medical Advisor to most European, British, Asian, African, and Far Eastern Embassies in Accra, Ghana. He has also been a Medical Advisor to several multi -national companies.