Juvenile leopard trapped at Issorcim – Caution! Mother still in area

Leopard VW

Vasco Watch had reported the sightings of a female leopard with two juvenile cubs, by locals, in the Khollant, Issorcim and surrounding green areas.
A few days ago the presence of one of the leopards was captured on CCTV at a residence near Sagar Enclave, Issorcim locality.

Lokendra the security guard,.

The security guard, Lokendra very courageously scared the animal away.
A trap was then laid by the Forest Department adjacent to this residence’s boundary wall.
The early morning of 26th saw one of the juvenile leopards caught in the trap. The animal has been taken by the Forest Dept. for release in the forest areas away from human habitation.

At the time of going to press it was informed that the mother leopard was sighted on the night of 27th Aug at the same spot where the juvenile was trapped. Residents and visitors are advised to exercise caution and ensure safety of pets especially after sunset.