Joy brings Music to everyone

Music Joy

That is what Joy Peenakal has been doing for the past two and a half decades, teaching music in Vasco.
His journey in the world of music began from childhood with his mother teaching him the basics. He was encouraged by the church priests in choirs and programmes. He started playing the harmonium and then graduated to the church organ and the keyboard. When the there was a flood of keyboard players he switched to learning the violin from his first tutor, Paulson Challisery, who is now the Principal of the Trichur Trinity College.
His virtuosity in the instrument grew and he began performing solo and in groups. He was awarded the District Award thrice in the mid 70’s at the All Kerala Competition organised by the Voice of Trichur.

His talent and musical prowess enabled him to start making albums as a music director. He has made several albums with very well known vocalists of the South like Jesudas, Mimini, Sabu, Markos, and Sangeetha.
He moved to Goa in 1987 and was to take up an assignment as a music teacher. When that did not work out he was helped by some prominent Vasco citizens like Ramanand Raiker, Srikant Darghalkar and Ashish Lobo to find a footing in Vasco.

The early 90’s also saw him travelling to Chennai often to conduct studio recordings of his compositions and arrangements.
His tryst with teaching music in Vasco began in 1991 when he performed for the Durga Puja festival. The then GM of the Naval Armament Depot was very impressed with his performance and got Anand Santoskar, a tabla artiste, who was working under him, to locate Joy. He put his two daughters under his tutelage learning the violin and keyboard. Thereafter by word of mouth Joy’s prowess as a music teacher grew. Many Naval officers and their families and other residents of the neighbourhood have been his students. Over 3500 students have passed through his hands.

Joy prepares students for the various grade exams of the Trinity College of Music. For those not aspiring to do formal exams Joy puts them through his own schedule of music learning.
Joy teaches the violin, keyboard, piano, flute, and all other string and reed instruments.
For Joy Peenakal music is his solace and strength that has seen him through the ups and downs of his life.

Learning the joy of music with Joy will always be a meditative and invigorating experience.

Joy Peenakal can be contacted on Mob: