Dr. Cota – A Dentist with Designs


Marvin Cota, is a well known dentist of our neighbourhood. He has specialised in Implant Dentistry having been trained at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.
He has over 23 years of practice and considerable experience in the field of implants, having placed over 4000 single implants.
Despite his busy practice, Dr. Cota has been devoting considerable time and energy in innovation and design of more efficient implants.
He has the unique distinction of being the first dentist from Goa to have a patent to his name for a custom made device for holding multiple teeth.
The problems being faced by patients who had single implants, led Dr. Cota on the path of seeking solutions and designing more efficient and comfortable implants.

A no stitch technique ensures quick recovery.

Dr. Cota elaborated that in single direct tooth implants, the stress impinged directly on the bone. Conventional multiple implants involved lot of bone drilling and long term monitoring to assess bone loss. However in his innovative multiple connected device the stress was distributed evenly. Further a software has been developed for creating custom implants. A C.T. scan of the jaw also enables implant design depending on the jaw bone configuration. A surgical guide positions the implant location accurately. A no stitch technique ensures quick recovery. Dr. Cota’s implant design with no screws results in no loosening at later stage and minimises bone loss.
Dr. Cota also has a patent for a modified single implant that is screw-less and mimics the natural tooth anchoring system of ligament and bone. This gives more comfort and there is no direct stress on the bone. He is also working on a patent for implants for the Maxillary Antrum region where there is shortage of bone. His device and technique will have the advantage of easy placement without major bone augmentation.
Dr. Cota’s forays and research into the world of innovation and design has lead him into the fields of cutting edge prototype engineering, state of the art materials, software programming and of course deeper study of anatomy of the jaw and the incredibly efficient natural tooth, ligament, bone structure.
Dr. Cota is verily a dentist with a difference!