Citizen’s Force Does Work

Jagrut Nagrik Manch sapling plantation initiative flourishes
Jagrut Nagrik Planting 2015 05 30

Yes many hands make work light. It just needs a positive attitude and sincerity of purpose.
A living example is the sapling plantation initiative of the Jagrut Nagrik Manch. 30 saplings were planted on the periphery of the Chicalim SAG ground in Aug 2014. Assistance for digging pits was given by Premanand Nanoskar, Councillor MMC.
The monsoon aided the initial watering and survival of the saplings. More importantly, after the rains receded, it was a group of around 15 citizens who diligently ensured the continued watering of the young saplings. All 30 sapling have now grown into young trees. Varieties like Rain Trees, Gulmohor, Jamun, Neem have been planted. The coming monsoons will see the young trees establish themselves more vigorously and perhaps will then need no further care as their roots reach the water table and sustain the trees.
The Jagrut Nagrik Manch is also in the process of placing sufficient garbage bins around the ground. The drums were donated by Krishna Salkar, Councillor MMC, which have been cut and painted and will soon be placed in the ground.
If citizens groups of various localities take the initiative to make improvements to their immediate surroundings, the cumulative effect will be seen in a better, cleaner and greener town. Just one small step at a time is all that is needed. Be the change you wish to see in the world.