Celebrities Visit Vasco


Oscar nominee Bombay Jayashri

 Bombay Jayshree

Bombay Jayashri Oscar nominee for Best original song and singer in Life of Pi was hosted by citizens of our neighbourhood Mr T G Sundaram and Hema Sundaram. She was in Goa for the Master Class- Music in Cinema for the International Film Festival of India
Hema Sundaram says, “Jayashri is family, my husband’s niece .Memories take me back to the time she used to visit Goa soon after her college days when she was with Seven Colour Orchestra. She was always ready to sing a film song (mostly classical based) or ghazal for us, in exchange for a cup of hot rasam! Jayashri , a Carnatic vocalist from Chennai recounted her amazing experience working with director Ang Lee from Taiwan and composer Michael Danna a Canadian . Music being the common thread between them, language not a barrier they were able to bring out Pi’s lullaby! Hema adds,” She was visiting Goa and Vasco after 24 years and this time too her condition for the visit was a cup of hot rasam!

Mrs. Hedwig Rego -Former MP

Hedwig Rego -Former MP

Ms. Hedwig Rego was nominated to the 11th Rajya Sabha to represent the Anglo Indian Community. A Cancer survivor she is presently involved with helping and counselling cancer victims and their families. Ms. Rego was in Vasco for a short break and was hosted by the Menezes Sousa family.