Exhibition of collages at Kala Academy


Radiant Hues of Femininity” at Kala Academy 23rd March
Sukanta Dasgupta (b 1963 Gaya, Bihar), a retired defence officer and engineer by profession took to fine arts at an early age but had very little formal education in art. As a self-taught artist, he has passionately pursued and studied art for the past three decades. He has explored several media and works with oil, acrylic, charcoal, collages. He expresses his experiences and realizations primarily through the human form, without getting restricted by medium or style. He is also a photography enthusiast. He lives and works at Talegaon, Pune.
The exhibition will consists of approximately 50 works of art, of varying sizes. The medium selected for the current exhibition is ‘Papiers Colles’ ( paper collage). “Papiers Colles” is the art of using any collection of material ( particularly printed matter ) to create a painting. The artists cuts out colour pieces from newspaper, magazine and pasted them systematically to create a painting. The artists selects and cuts the paper and finally uses the paper cuts exactly as he uses the paint brush, keeping texture, hue, saturation stroke etc in consideration. Painting with paper collage is challenging, the outcome is apparent only when the work nears completion. It is unpredictable and generates multiple images. Paper collage as a medium has been explicitly chosen to depict the nebulous expression that is “femininity”.