An oasis for the soul- Darshan Meditation Centre

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While several avenues exist to live the fast material life and more crop up everyday, facilities or spaces for spiritual and inner-self revitalisation and realisation are a more scarce commodity.
Walter Fernandes aimed to contribute his mite to fill that gap. After a long stint with the Standard Chartered Bank at Mumbai, he quit his job to set up the Darshan Meditation Centre at the Queeny Estate, Behind Rangavi Estate, off the Bogmalo Road.
Why such a centre? “The philosophy of giving back to society is a culture nurtured by the Standard Chartered Bank. They even give their staff two days special leave for doing community service” Walter observed.Meditation centre vasco watch
Walter has set up the Darshan Meditation Centre that will conduct a Satsang every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. through T.V. instructions. Once a month an instructor will conduct live sessions on meditation techniques and spiritual discourses. The Centre will also conduct Yoga sessions, Ethical Living talks and Spiritual discourses. The Centre has facility for accommodation about 25 participants for residential retreat programmes.
A separate space is planned for Senior Citizen activities and other welfare activities like medical camps, Acupressure camps, blood donation camps, etc. The Centre also houses an Interfaith library.
The discourses are non- denominational and aimed at providing a path to inner peace while also fulfilling one’s worldly responsibilities.
This is a Non -Profit Centre that does not have any commercial interests. This Centre is associated with the Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Misssion, New Delhi.

For more details contact
Mr. Walter Fernandes
on Mob: 9819821172.