Amigurumi – Aparna Patil’s passion makes her as happy as her toys

Aparna Ami 3

“Amigurumi” – What’s that?
Let Aparna Patil show you her cute “Amigurumi” creations and you won’t need an explanation.
You will just instantly want to own them. Cuteness is the pervading aesthetic appeal of Amigurumi.
“Amigurumi” is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. “Ami” means crocheted or knitted and “nuigurumi” means stuffed doll in Japanese.

Aparna Ami (2)
Aparna Ami (1)A St. Therese’s and MES college student who also qualified in Fashion Design, Aparna worked in Bengaluru and Mumbai. She had to return to Vasco due to family compulsions.
Having a creative streak, she decided to learn the art of crochet. She learnt the basics of this art from Victoria Henriques at Mangor. Thereafter, surfing the internet for crocheting options, she came across the fascinating possibilities of using crocheting techniques for creating cute stuffed dolls and figures that is known worldwide as the Japanese art of “Amigurumi”.
Aparna had now found her niche and honed her skills in this art through hours of internet study on this subject.

She makes dolls, animal figures, purses, bags, hair accessories, key chains and a host of other very elegant stuff. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and assembled to create a cute object with a perfect professional finish.Her creations are now being sold through some select stores. Her brother Ajay and friends like Renita Guha have encouraged Aparna in her creative passion.