Taking the road less travelled – Prutha Parab & Vaibhav Naik

Making theatre their career choice

Another generation of young citizens will soon arrive at a significant crossroad in their lives. Choices will have to be made that will determine what course their future will take.
While the majority will opt for the tried and tested options of career and stream – whether by own choice, peer pressure or family compulsions – there will nonetheless be a few who will be adventurous enough to take the roads less travelled.
Prutha Parab and Vaibhav Naik are two young talented students of our neighbourhood, who have opted for a career in “Theatre” and are pursuing a Diploma in this field at the Kala Academy School of Drama.

Prutha Parab (1)Prutha Parab – while having a liking for acting, did not realise her strong natural aptitude for theatre till she took part in Street Plays for her Carmel College team for the Yuva Mahotsavs. On completing her Bachelor of Arts, her college professor Shri Gorak Sirsat, who recognised her talent, convinced her to take up theatre rather than do a Post-Graduation in Arts and even accompanied her for the auditions and selection for the course at the Kala Academy. Prutha’s parents, Ashok and Leena Parab were supportive too, though there were some who questioned the wisdom of going into an offbeat career choice.
Prutha – now in her second year of the diploma in theatre is very happy and satisfied that she has pursued her true calling.

Prutha Parab

Vaibhav Naik

Vaibhav Naik comes from a family that is already steeped in the theatre arts – his father, Shri Gurudas Naik is a Director of plays and mother Mohini has given much needed encouragement.
Vaibhav, however was initially very keen to become a Chef. He did take part in school dramas and was a child artiste in some performances. He was also keen on dance and was with the Unbeatable Dance Academy and also attend training under the well-known Dance Master – Dharmesh – of Dance India Dance fame. He also attended dance workshops conducted by accomplished dancers in Gujarat and Mumbai.
On completing his studies in Tourism and Catering he switched fields and went into theatre and joined the School of Drama at the Kala Academy. His dance skills have made him a budding choreographer. He also values the tips and advice he gets from his theatre experienced father for the various roles he has to play.

Vaibhav Naik (2)

These two young artistes, both alumni of Deepvihar School, feel that theatre is an enriching and satisfying vocation.
We are sure their histrionic talent will see them attain recognition in their chosen field.