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Savio’s yen for music began at a very early age while still in school. Music coursed his veins – his maternal great grandfather and grandfather were both master violinists who played for music composers and music directors of the Hindi cinema in Mumbai in the yesteryears. But no organised music classes then existed in Vasco. It was only when he reached class X that he got an opportunity to learn music – just to read and sing notes. He therefore resolved that he would learn and accomplish himself in music so that he can teach others.
His journey in this endeavour thus began with learning the guitar – he bought one and taught himself to play with virtuosity. Keenly observing wedding bands play, led him to pick up playing the drums and keyboard by ear.
His music teaching endeavours began while still in college. It all began with a small classified advertisement in the Vasco Watch fifteen years ago when this neighbourhood newspaper had just commenced publishing. Thereafter, when his students started winning school competitions, the trickle of students grew into a steady stream of eager youngsters wanting to learn from Savio.
Savio relocated to Panaji as he felt there would be more scope for his classes there. He then formulated his first structured courses and conducted daily music classes at the Don Bosco. The classes in Vasco were conducted on weekends.
On being invited for a Music teachers conference by the Trinity College of Music, Savio realised that his own structured courses conformed to the formal syllabi of the established Music Colleges. This boosted his confidence tremendously. He then plunged with zest into teaching a range of instruments – drums, guitar, keyboard, bass, violin and vocals too.
Savio’s Music Academy is a music school with a difference. The school trains students to qualify in several established Music Institution grades – both in classical and more interestingly in popular music like Rock, Pop and other genres.
Students have the option to appear for grade exams in the Trinity College of Music for classical as well as Rock and Pop. He is also affiliated to the Rock School Board, London and the London School of Music.
Savio’s philosophy towards learning, playing and appreciating music is refreshingly different. He believes that one should the savour beauty of music, the soft nuanced delicate sounds of instruments and percussion. He abhors the loud banging sounds, where volume is equated to quality.
He also feels the stress on the unnecessary visual effects like funky hairstyles, tattoos, and earrings don’t add to the quality of a musicians virtuosity.
Savio tailors each student’s learning format based on the student’s music ability and speed of progress. “Parents need to be patient” he exhorts, as every child has a different learning curve. He also stresses on the importance of listening to good music as it subconsciously provides inputs in one’s music learning endeavours. Sight reading and writing are also stressed upon.
His music classes have considerable student involvement with each student choosing a “Song of the Month”, which is then taught to all other students on their respective instruments.
His Annual Music Concert brings forth the team work and co-ordination of his team of students.
Savio’s Music Academy is verily a music school with a difference. He has even taught blind students and one visually impaired student is currently learning the drums.
He teaches children from the age group of 5 1/2 years for girls and 6 years for boys.
Savio conducts his classes at Villa Nestor, Behind Police Qtrs, Alto Chicalim.
Contact him on 8408064914.


  1. ravi

    Iam Ravi 32 yrs old, can I learn to violin as a very beginer at this age?

    • Vasco Watch
      Vasco Watch09-26-2014

      Dear Mr. Ravi,
      You would need to contact a violin instructor to get any details.
      You could contact Savio’s Music Academy on 8408064914.