Rajani Bhat – bringing you the joy of vegetarian cooking

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RajaniAn Insurance Agent, a Travel Agent, a tutor for maths and science, assisting her husband in managing the gift shop, “ Goa Shopping Centre”.
You would think that this is more than a handful to keep anyone tied up for the day.
However Rajani Bhat thinks otherwise. She does all this and still finds the time and energy to pursue her passion for cooking delicious vegetarian stuff. She honed her skills with some training from her niece Sandhya Keni Mayenkar whose cooking classes at Panjim are very popular.
She started her enterprise RG’s Bytz a year ago.
Rajani conducts unique “Vegetarian Cuisine Classes” in our neighbourhood. The variety of dishes she teaches in her “One Day Cooking Class” is a long list of yummy stuff – Manglorean snacks like Gol Bajji, Biscuit Rotis, North Indian Curries and gravies, Noodle Baskets, Nachos, Cheese Corn Balls, Spring Rolls, Jackfruit Manchurian and more.

3071f42e-a962-4b5c-8746-2e3bd1ce7038Add to this list Bengali Sweets like Sandesh, Champakalli, Ras Malai, Rasogulla, Chocolates, Choco Pops and Ice Creams, Donuts, Fusion Desserts and Indo Western Sweets.
Besides conducting classes she also takes orders for a variety of snacks. Call her for delicious Set dosas, Uttapams, Chutneys, Sambar, Wheat Laddus and more.
Want to add that authentic flavour to your cooking – then call Rajani and order some Special Manglorean Sambar Powder, Rasam Powder, etc.

Her husband Girish and children Ramya and Gitesh are a great support too.
Quite obviously Rajani proves that time is what you make of it. This multi- talented lady is a role model for efficiency and enterprise in our neighbourhood.
Call Rajani on to order for snacks, spice powders or to attend her classes.