Meet Damien Carvalho – Master of Ceremonies – A.K.A MC/DC

Damien Sheldon Carvalho (6)

You are having that special birthday party, or anniversary or even your wedding reception. Everything is arranged for décor, catering, service, the bar etc., etc.
There is however that one ingredient that will make the occasion a memorable one or just another get-together—the host for the evening – or the “MC”. The person who makes everything gel together – creates the smooth flow of the various sequence of events that make up the occasion – draws the participation and attention of the people in the celebrations – in short the catalyst of the show.

Damien Sheldon Carvalho (3)Damien Carvalho is doing just that ever since he gave up a regular 9 to 5 job to plunge into this arena of being the host of the show.
While on a regular job, Damien would take up assignments to host social gatherings, Church events and activities. But the bug to make this his full time occupation kept nagging him. He always had the people skills in him. In fact, when just out of school, he did commendably in marketing and bringing the Vasco Watch into the public consciousness more than a decade and a half ago.
He finally took the plunge about 8 months ago and opted to become a full-fledged host. “My whole world opened up and I have had such varied experiences that has made my perspectives and horizons widen considerably,” observes Damien.

He was mentored in his initial stages by the well-established host and compere – Bambino Dias who instilled in Damien the confidence and taught the nuances of gauging the audience and steering the evening towards a successful end.
Damien is also an RJ on the All India Radio and goes under the signature – DC.

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Damien Carvalho now hosts all social occasions, corporate or organisational events on a full turnkey basis. He provides the entire package that includes music, sound system, décor catering, etc. He will tailor make the arrangements for weddings, special birthdays, or other occasions to suit the client’s requirements. He also hosts the band – “True Blue” – who provide all genre of music for all occasions.
His wife, Vanessa provides him the encouragement and support to pursue his true calling.
Damien Carvalho strives to make the occasion a different and memorable experience – something that will linger in the minds of the guests and bring back fond memories of the occasion. Call Damien Carvalho on 9823697118 to ensure your occasion is a memorable one.