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Keeping fit and living healthy is high on the priority list of most folks today. This involves doing some daily exercise routines. It is also important that the exercise regimen is tailored to one’s personal fitness requirements and is taught by experienced instructors.


Anu Saxena who has had a long stint in this neighbourhood several years ago is an experienced Reebok Certified Instructor. Anu now has permanently relocated in our neighbourhood. She qualified in the Reebok Certification Course in 2006 under the training of well known Master Trainer Nisha Verma at New Delhi. Thereafter, Anu undertook training of groups as well as personal training sessions.
On moving to Jaipur in 2009 she set up an Aerobics Studio – “Lets Sway” in partnership, that catered to the high end clientele of the city. Anu conducted four back to back training sessions at this studio and had about 90 people of various age groups training with her.
She sources special aerobics music from USA that has exercise training music that commences from 128 beats and goes upto 160 beats for intense aerobics. Each class is a one hour session that includes a warm up and cool down routine. Every work out is different to ensure an all round exercise of the various areas of the body.

Anu also conducts specialised training in floor and step aerobics, Tabata, light weight training, boot camp and body conditioning.
Now Anu is looking to provide her expertise to Clubs, Hotels, Schools and other interested groups. She is also available for personal training.
Girls, boys, men and women in the age group of 14 years and above can participate in the Reebok Aerobics Training programme.
Anu is also looking to tie up with suitable partners for setting up an exclusive Reebok Fitness Studio.

FREE Demo Classes are being planned. If your society or club would like Anu to present a demo class contact Anu Saxena on 8308098301 or 7057312908 or call the Vasco Watch on 2538289.

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  1. Smita Sahay
    Smita Sahay05-09-2015

    Way to go, Anu! Happy Swaying and may your clients and you keep fit always 🙂