Keen on making Music Production your career path?

Foundation courses coming soon!
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Neil Fernandes – the music whiz of our neighbourhood is now a certified Music Producer. Having completed a very high level gruelling course in Music Production, Composition and Recording at the well-known True School of Music, Mumbai, he is brimming with plans to share his expertise and guide others keen on taking this career path.
He recently held a detailed workshop at the Rachol Seminary on Film Music Scoring and music for advertisements. Thereafter he conducted a workshop for school children on “The Use of Computers and Digital Technology in Music”. Both these workshops drew a very enthusiastic response and gave the participants a very good overview of the subject.

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The 19 year old is multi- instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and now music producer. He draws influence from the 60’s and 70’s, which is evident in his work. He has performed extensively in Goa and has won a number of competitions including the ‘Sing For life’ music competition organized by World Vision India. At the age of 17, he released his debut album titled ‘Reality’. Along with his band ‘Survival Instinct’, he has performed at various events in Mumbai including the Times Litfest 2015 and at the TSM MusicWorks showcase 2016 at BlueFROG along with the legendary Louis Banks. He had also recently performed a solo set at BlueFROG. He has produced a number of tracks as well as films scores and jingles. He recently worked on a jingle for Kinder Joy and has also worked on sound design for a film.
Neil Fernandes is now planning to conduct regular classes to prepare students for a career in Music Production. This foundation course will also prepare participants to pursue higher level courses in institutes like the True School of Music, Mumbai.
The film industry is steadily growing in Goa. There will therefore be a concurrent growth and demand for Music Production and allied requirements. Goa could also provide music production facilities to the Mumbai film market taking advantage of its proximity to the industry and fill the growing demand for quality music production.

Neil Fernandes plans to conduct an Introductory Presentation on Music Production.
Those interested in attending may call on 7710912363 and pre register their participation.