Illusionist Clifford – Making a magical switch in profession

Clifford Magician Illusionist 1

When you have a passion for something – it probably first becomes your hobby. But as the bug for that bites deeper, you get to a stage when you want to live and breathe every moment in that activity.
You then take the plunge – give up a good well-paying secure job – much to the chagrin of many around you – and embark on a journey that takes you deeper into your passion.
The transformation can be magical and a renewed energy flows through your very being.
This was exactly what Clifford Norman Parakh traversed through. A career in the Indian Navy with all its perks and financial security suddenly seemed secondary.
Being a top class Magician and Illusionist was what he actually yearned for.
It all began in 2003 when he bought some very basic magic kits at a ‘mela’ at the Elephanta Caves off Mumbai.
The spark for his real calling was lit.

Clifford Magician Illusionist (3)He thereafter delved deeper into the world of Illusion, Sleight of Hand, Stagecraft, use of props and the million other things that go into the making of a successful professional performer of magic and illusion. This research and self -study phase was reinforced with stage experience and performances for charity shows and other events like the Carnival.
It all finally came to a head and Clifford took the plunge and opted out of the Navy in Feb 2015.
He decided to make Goa his home – Why? “I perceived that there is a lot of value for entertainment in Goa” he observes. Being a tourist hub – entertainment is a natural adjunct.
Clifford’s graph into the world of magic and illusion has been on a steep rise ever since he plunged into it full time.
His varied repertoire, stage presence, and interactive skills make him a natural performer. He is equally adept at close-up magic as well as stage shows for large audiences.
He was the first prize winner at the National Illusion Competition held in Haryana in 2009.
He has done several shows for corporates all over the country for Product Launches, Award Ceremonies and other events. He has the innate ability to interweave the product into his act and customize the magic show by highlighting the company’s product. His show has also been held in Dubai.
He stars in the only T.V. serial on Magic in Goa, featuring his ‘Street Magic’ performance – watch “Prime ka Jadu” on Prime T.V. Goa. His weekly performance has drawn very high TRPs.

Clifford Magician Illusionist (2)His wife Radhika is now Clifford’s able assistant and this couple now performs the only “Mind Reading Duo” act in the country.
Clifford has now been short listed for the Studio Round for Season 7 of India’s Got Talent and is currently in Mumbai shooting for this programme.
This Illusionist also performs regularly at the Peppers Restaurant at Margao and at the Royal Goan Beach Club.
Clifford’s very persona makes him a natural performer.
Add to that his communication skills, variety of acts – both on stage as well as close-up, humorous and fun interactive style – ingredients that are the very core of a successful Illusionist and Magician.
If you want to add some spice to your corporate event or see your party guests being bamboozled by his “under the nose” acts – Clifford will give you all this and more.
We are sure that Clifford Parakh will reach the pinnacle of his profession.
And that will not be just an ‘Illusion’ – but a ‘Reality!

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