Giving the Healing touch through Reiki, Crystal and Colour therapy

Chandra Monie - ReikiMeet Chandra Monie – a senior citizen of our neighbourhood who is a Reiki practitioner and also uses crystal and colour therapy as an adjunct to her healing therapy.
As the populace experiences afflictions that modern mainstream medicine seems unable to alleviate – they turn to alternate therapies to find solace and healing. The credence that such alternative forms of healing is increasingly gaining, is testimony to its ability to provide succour to the ill.
Her tryst with this form of healing techniques began in the year 2000 when her friend, a doctor, was diagnosed with cancer in three major organs. They were searching for all alternative methods of treatment and thus underwent a course in Reiki therapy.
Chandra was drawn towards this form of therapy to heal various health problems in people and underwent the higher levels of training to enable her to become a Reiki practitioner. Her keen interest in such forms of therapy led her to also delve into the study of Crystal and Colour Therapy.
“A Reiki practitioner becomes like an antenna that can access the cosmic energy for healing a person,” explains Chandra, while elaborating on the Reiki technique of healing. The propensity to harness the energies of the cosmos seems to run in Chandra’s family. Her brother Srinivasan in his eighties has dedicated his life to transliterating Maharishi Kapila’s original Science of Manifestation which has remained dormant for 33,000 years.
Crystal therapy uses various natural crystals that are energised to provide the power for healing. It is the oldest form of healing even used by the ancient Egyptians. Colour therapy uses the various effects of colour on the health and wellbeing of a person through the visual sensory stimulation.
Chandra has been practicing these healing techniques for over 15 years and has helped several people overcome their physical as well as mental afflictions.
Chandra is a multifaceted personality. In her youth, 55 years ago, she bagged a scholarship to undergo flying training and did 75 hours of flying which included solo and cross country flights in the classic Tiger Moth aircraft. She also conceptualised and created several ‘Social Awareness’ advertisements for the Doordarshan TV channel. She is a postgraduate in Geography and has been a teacher for several years. She also creates paintings on glass and has interest in Mandalas. She designs her own energy beads for healing.
Chandra and her husband Wg Cdr Natarajan Monie (Retd), have made Goa their permanent home and have been residing in our neighbourhood for the past 8 years.
Chandra Monie will be conducting an introductory session on the healing techniques through Reiki, Crystal and Colour Therapy. Those interested may call on to register their participation.