Get into step with ‘DID Super Mom’ Cecile

Cecile 2

Her saga on the dance floor began twenty years ago at her home town Baina, Vasco.
An only child, her parents encouraged and supported her passion for dancing. At 12 years of age and in school at St. Therese’, she along with 5 friends formed the only ever all girls dance group – The Scorpions. They performed for big events, corporate and summer festivals.
Cecile then joined the dance group Moving Images and thereafter started her own ICJ Dance School along with her husband and friend, Imtiaz Sheikh
A serious injury to the spine due to an accident that got aggravated due to post operative infection put the brakes on her dancing for about a year.
Cecile then joined the Dance Illusions as a founder member and instructor for kids. It was a hectic time for her balancing work with an airline and dance classes in the evenings till marriage and move to Margao brought this phase to a close.
Her penchant for the Latin dance form led her to join the Xtremers Dance School for Latin dances and also performed with them. Then came a break as she was expecting her first child. After her child Jake was born, Cecile qualified as a licenced Zumba instructor and started her own dance classes at Panjim. Here she also joined the dance group ‘Floor Fillers’ and performed a lot of Latin dance routines and Bollywood Hip Hop.
Then came a major break as a Dance India Dance Supermom.
Cecile always strived to make a mark in Goa, little realizing it would happen after becoming a mother.
Now Cecile has set up her own Dance Foundation and is promoting professional dance classes in Jazz and Contemporary styles by trained instructors from Delhi. She has set up a dance studio at Panjim and is commencing dance classes in Vasco.
Cecile is also bringing the joy of dance to the inmates of the Aguada prison and the boys of the St. Anthony’s Boys Home at Agassim.
For registrations for her dance classes in Vasco call on 95 45 02 53 32.