Bonsai Enthusiasts in our neighbourhood | Meet Srikrishna Kamat & Jhansi Prasad

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Bonsai – the Japanese art of creating miniature trees and plants always fascinates the onlooker. As a hobby it can be a very satisfying activity that teaches one not only the techniques of nurturing a plant but also the value of patience and persistence, as a good Bonsai takes years to become a work of art.
There are some Bonsai enthusiasts in our neighbourhood.

The Vasco Watch team met up with two Bonsai enthusiasts – Jhansi Prasad and Srikrishna Kamat.

Bonsai-Srikant-Jhansi (3)

Mrs. Jhansi Prasad

Bonsai-Srikant-Jhansi (2)

Mr. Srikrishna Kamat

Jhansi Prasad has always been a plant lover and has always maintained a patch of green wherever she was residing. She entered the world of Bonsai several years ago and over the many years honed her skills and expertise in this art. She also upgraded her skills by attending courses with Bonsai experts. She has a good collection of Bonsai that she nurtures with care and constant attention.

Srikrishna Kamat – now a General Manager, Forward Projects at the Goa Shipyard Ltd, comes from a family that has orchards and agricultural fields at Madkai. Little wonder that love for plants courses his veins. His interest in Bonsai began over 28 years ago when he would take the small saplings from his field and nurture them into Bonsai plants. While residing at the GSL Officers Colony at Airport Road, he developed a lush green patch in front of his flat that was the envy of many. Though free time is at a premium due to his professional commitments, Srikrishna nevertheless still keeps his interest in gardening and Bonsai alive. Now residing at Ambience Grandeur, Chicalim, Srikrishna has developed the garden in the complex.

Jhansi and Srikrishna would like to share their expertise and experiences in the art of Bonsai with like-minded people of the neighbourhood and create an interest group that can share, interact, and assist others interested in Bonsai as a hobby.

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