Ankita D’Souza brings themed Cake Pops to the port town

Ankita Hand Crafted Cookies
Ankita - 180 degrees yum

Ankita (L)

Meet Ankita D’Souza who has pioneered the entry of themed Cake Pops in our port town – and she is just 18! Aspiring to be an Artist who also loves baking, she specialises in hand painting and crafting her cookies, cake pops and cakes with her artistic touch and has started her own Facebook page “180 degrees yum” to explore artistic baking and basically have fun.

Ankita - Cake Pops

What started as a small hobby is now booming and the orders are flowing for parties and sales. Balancing school, an art-class prep. course and assignments with orders has been the toughest, but it’s fun and its a wonderful learning experience too.
She says, “The idea behind the name 180 degrees yum! comes from all my baking that I do at 180 degrees and they are yum!!! So hence the name!”
You can find Ankita on her facebook page for orders.

Ankita - Cake pops_02