Akshaya Sundararajan – striving to heal with compassion

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Akshaya Sundararajan 2nd from right.

(Akshaya Sundararajan 2nd from right.)

Akshaya Sundararajan of our neighbourhood, is an active member of a group called the Healers.
“The Healers” is an initiative started by Crishnaa Verencar studying in the Third Year at the Chowgule College of Arts and Science. It all began when Crishnaa accompanied her mother to the SGPDA market in Margao and saw cows munching on plastic waste while green waste- vegetable refuse- was being dumped in the garbage bins. Crishnaa came up with a novel idea that she could carry out, without needing much help from government agencies or NGO’s. She thought of collecting this green waste and providing it to the cows, rather than the cows eating something that was unnatural and ultimately harmful. So this was the start which led to Green Munch.The other active members are Shameen Gomes, Meenakshi Borana, Kaushik Fondekar, Crystal Fernandes and Shubhankar Shah from Margao.
This group works towards human and animal welfare by feeding the poor and homeless people, giving basic academic support and life skills for the underprivileged children and collecting vegetable waste from the markets and feeding stray animals.

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Akshaya has started a local branch of Healers in Vasco to spread the message of love, care and respect towards nature’s bounty and towards our fellow human beings. She carries out all the initiative of the Healers on her own in our neighbourhood while also helping out in Margao, from where it all started. Her enthusiasm and hard work is praiseworthy. Her gentle nature and happy disposition is an inspiration for all.
“All we need is a change in thought. Change is what I believe in and this is possible only when each and every one of us take up the responsibility. As it is rightly said, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Every bit counts. A small contribution can make a big difference”, says Akshaya.
Green Munch and other initiatives like Nanhe Taare, Happy Bellies, Swach Goi and Bark With Me are some of the other initiatives of this group.
Some fruit and vegetable vendors now donate and keep their collection aside for The Healers.
All of these initiatives require immense hard work and dedication. The group of ‘Healers’ wants to do something that adds to society in whatever way possible. But to continue with their efforts to make society a better place to live in, they need society to chip in too. That includes each and every one who is reading this right now. They are not asking you to move mountains or topple regimes; they are asking you to join them in whatever way possible. Volunteer with them whenever you have the time, contribute a tiny part of your pocket money or help spread awareness about their work. You can even start something like this in your own locality, keeping in mind the words of Mahatma Gandhi- “Be the change you wish to see.”