A Face in the Crowd Chiming for a living

Street Scene Chiming

Walking from street to street, shop front to shop front, singing songs in praise of Vittala Panduranga and Sai Baba. This is what Gopinath Namdeo Chavan does for a living.
The alms given by generous shopkeepers and citizens keep body and soul together and the hunger pangs at bay.
Hailing from Khed in Ahmednagar district, Namdeo says he has been an itinerant singer right from his childhood days.
His travels have taken him from Ratnagiri to Bhatkal further south along the coast. He has also been to other places in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh singing and earning a meagre living.
He bears the tragic loss of his wife and two children in a road accident about 7 years ago with considerable equanimity.
He has been coming to Vasco for many years and takes shelter near the Sai Baba Temple in town.
Namdeo is a face in the crowd that makes up the kaleidoscope of people that our neighbourhood plays host to.