A creative young couple in our midst – Ramdas and Kausalya

2013 BW 02 Charcoal N Graphite On Paper 15 X 22

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Art coursed the veins of Ramdas Gadekar right from his school days at the St. Josephs Institute.
Little wonder that he then joined the Goa College of Art. After graduation in 2005, he went into the digital art field and worked as a 2D background artist for a firm in Bengaluru. He honed his skills in 3D art while on the job. This lead him to the world of Digital Gaming and he worked for a 3D Gaming firm at Panaji.
Opportunity for better prospects took him to New Delhi. However the sudden demise of his father, a restaurateur in Vasco, brought him back home to Vasco.
He also realised that digital art was not his real calling. He gravitated towards murals, etching and print making. He now concentrates on pencil sketching, acrylic on canvas and clay murals. His subjects are figurative as well as current issues.
In his now over a decade long journey in the artistic galaxy, Ramdas has exhibited his works at several reputed art galleries in India and abroad. He has also participated in several workshops for artists.
“Travelling has widened my horizons and added rich experiences” observes Ramdas.
He is now also actively engaged in conducting workshops for all art enthusiasts of all ages. His communication skills, teaching style and techniques, coupled with his deep understanding of various art media has ensured a steady stream of participants for his sessions.
His marriage to his art college class mate, Kausalya, a year ago, has now added new synergy to his artistic pursuits.
His wife Kausalya is a specialist in watercolours and is now exploring the world of miniature paintings.
This couple aims to bring the joy of art to the citizens of this port town. They aim to reach even the underprivileged sections of our locality.
Sketching, cold ceramic sculpture, broken tile mosaics and lots more are on their menu for workshops in Vasco.
The Vasco Watch will co-ordinate with this young artistic couple to make art accessible to the enthusiasts of this neighbourhood.

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