Fishking brings quality seafood to the neighbourhood

Fish King

No more visits’ to the crowded fish market – no messy bags with fish – no wastage due to scaling and cleaning – Export quality and hygiene standards – all this at Fish King at Anand Towers, Airport Road near Chicalim Junction.
The products are sourced from reputed export processing units that maintain highest standards of cold chain management and hygiene right from the time of catch on the trawlers right down to cleaning and packaging and delivery to the outlet.
The products are packaged in transparent packs that let you see the products so you are sure you are getting fresh quality items.
The convenience of getting cleaned and ready to cook sea food that can be used in quantities that you require is a boon for busy homemakers.
The state of the art freezing techniques from the catch stage to the processing and packaging stage ensures that the authentic taste is retained.
Seeing and eating is believing – so hop across to Fishking and pick up your pack of favourite sea food for cooking up a satisfying gastronomic experience.