The Shows Begin at Ravindra Bhavan, Baina

Ravindra Bhawan Baina 1

The Chairman of the Ravindra Bhavan, Baina, Shri. Milind S. Naik, Minister for Power along with the Vice Chairman Shri. Chandrakant K. Gawas and other members of the General Council held a press conference recently at the Bhavan with a view to making people aware of the newly created facility, and urging them to make use of it.
The Ravindra Bhavan was formally inaugurated on December 12, 2013, by the Minister for Art and Culture, Shri. Dayanand Mandrekar, in the presence of Mr. Milind S. Naik, the Minister for Power. Subsequent to lifting of the election code of conduct the General Council met again in May 2014, and decided on various issues, including determining the tariff for public use of the Auditorium, Conference hall and Mini Theatre. The Auditorium has seating capacity of 768, Conference hall 64 and Mini Theatre 170. All these have state-of-the-art features. The Auditorium is ideally suited to stage professional dramas, tiatras, annual day programmes of educational institutions, music concerts, fashion shows, beat shows, Indian cultural programes etc, while the Conference Hall can be used for corporate and other groups’ meetings. The Bhavan also has other related conveniences like rehearsal rooms etc.
The Auditorium, Film Projectors, Conference Hall, Foyer Areas and Mini Theatre are available for programmes at nominal rates.

The Manager Shri Arun Lolyekar can be contacted on 7875227819 during office hours.

Click here for the complete list spaces available and their charges.


  1. Tajuddin Shaikh
    Tajuddin Shaikh09-02-2014

    Can the Ravindra Bhuan be available for Symposium, seminars, Marriage and marriage reception parties

    • Vasco Watch
      Vasco Watch09-06-2014

      Dear Mr. Shaikh,
      You can contact The Manager of Ravindra Bhavan, Baina, Mr.Arun Lolyekar on 78 75 22 78 19 during office hours for these details.