PCCE Students fabricate higher efficiency air conditioning system

Geothermal Project At PCCE
PCCE Geothermal

Final year Mechanical Engineering students of Padre Conceicao College of Engineering Chandrakant Raikar, Carlton De Souza, Chetan Sawant, Edgar Pereira and Pristen D’Costa have designed and fabricated a “Hybrid Geothermal Air Conditioning System” which increases the efficiency of an Air Conditioner thereby reducing the power consumption by the system and reducing the energy bills thus resulting in savings in the client behalf as well as on the Power supply companies. The project was guided by Prof. Jisa Randhir and Dr. Jagannath Hirkude (Head of Department).

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  1. Darrell

    Hybrid Geothermal Airconditioning System. A rather shallow report. Would be interesting to know how it is done and the real costs.