Vasco Bus Stand finally decongested

Vasco Bus Stand 1

The old Vasco City Bus Stand was a perennially congested location with KTC point to point buses and private city busses jostling for space. Kudos to the authorities for implementing an alternative arrangement that has made the area free of chaos. The KTC Bus Stand has been shifted to the centre road adjacent to the T.B. Cunha chowk and the city buses taking the old KTC bus stand. This has made the road closer to the FL Gomes road free Vasco_bus_stand (3) Vasco_bus_stand (2) Vasco_bus_stand (4)of congestion.

The authorities now need to ensure that the decongested spaces are not encroached by unauthorised street vendors as often happens and free pedestrian movement is ensured. The need for providing pedestrians with unhindered walking space should be made a planning priority. Can we work towards making the centre of town a pedestrian plaza – NOMOZO -. The commercial, safety and other benefits that would accrue from such a move, as seen in many cities around the world is well documented and has been considerably highlighted by the Vasco Watch. There is also a need for the MMC to take an on the ground audit to assess if the various buildings and commercial spaces, especially in the Central Business District have sufficient parking space within their compounds as required by the PDA regulations. The results of such a survey could be revealing and lead to decongestion of on-street parking spaces.