Traffic Police Required at Dabolim-Bogmalo Junction


by Citizen Journalist – Ganesh Lamani

The Dabolim-Bogmalo junction is one of the busiest junctions. The vehicles plying to and fro from Birla, Bogmalo, Jairam Nagar, M.E.S colony, Shipyard colony in Chicolna, Upasnagar, NSD, Rangavi Estate and Hollant operate from this junction without any traffic police being appointed.
Being a National highway, most of the vehicles also travel at a very high speed putting lot of fear on the pedestrians especially the small children of the neighboring Keshav Smurthi School while crossing the road. It has become an accident prone zone as it is evident from the past accidents that have taken place in Dabolim.
The fish market and the local gaddas located adjacent to the road attract a huge crowd there by creating a real chaos with lot of traffic jam in the evenings. Some of the pedestrians have no civic sense while crossing the road. Many vehicles are being parked in a haphazard manner, around the junction thereby causing problem to the other vehicles.
I believe that there is an urgent need to for the concerned authorities need to appoint some traffic police on immediate basis, at least during the peak hours, at the Dabolim- Bogmalo Junction to avoid further accidents.