Inclement weather brings out inadequate preparation

The monsoons come every year at the same time. Every year various spots around town suffer when the rains hit due to incomplete works, insufficient preparatory work or sheer neglect. When will this annual cycle of troubles change. Several citizens have written in highlighting the woes that citizens are facing in different parts of the town. The authorities will hopefully take appropriate action to rectify the situation.

Haphazard Road Works

by Rosario Menezes HAPHAZARD ROAD WORKS Rosario

The contractor of the Sewarage work in Vaddem, Vasco, has done such shabby haphazard job of restoring the excavated road. Every few days at different spots on the road caves in leaving a huge pit, a life – threatening hazard, especially at night and when the pit is filled by rain water.
Last week a man died in Hyderabad in such a situation. Authorities must act swiftly to save lives, and penalise the contractor suitably.

Washed away!

by AK Sharma

Damaged road Near Gomanteshwar Temple in Sasmollem, Baina. Washed away AK Sharma 2

The mess on Airport road

by Francisco Nunes

The mess on Airport road Nunes

The Airport road was one of the best roads in Mormugao Taluka but alas today it is in doldrums and one of the reason for it’s present state is the laying of water pipeline under JICA project and the other being the reckless cutting of the road to lay mobile cable’s.
No doubt it is development but with no co-ordination and no pride in doing a good job leads to this mess and it is the residents who are suffering due to the careless attitude of the contractors appointed both by the JICA and the Mobile Companies.The mess on Airport road Nunes 2