Bal Bhavan Vasco – Upgrade of facility a crying need

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Art, craft, music, dance – activities that hone the aesthetic sense are an important adjunct to the all round development of the younger generation.
The Bal Bhavan is an institution that has been striving to provide these inputs to children from a wide cross-section of society through its various centres across the state.
While the centre of the Bal Bhavan at Panaji is a model facility, there is a crying need for the upgradation of facilities of Bal Bhavan at Vasco.
The Vasco Bal Bhavan operates from two small rooms in the building that houses the ADEI office. In terms of space and conducive creative ambience for encouraging creative activity a lot more can be done.
One of the parents lamented that while the teachers at this centre are very positive and enthusiastic, they are hamstrung by the lack of adequate facility. It was also felt that a full time administrator in a proper spacious facility would draw a larger number of young creative minds to this facility.
An upgrade of the Bal Bhavan at Vasco would benefit the children of this neighbourhood, especially those from the weaker sections of society. There is an ocean of young creative talent that just needs the right catalysts to realise its potential.
Time then to nurture their skills and provide platforms to synergise their potential.