A rubble dump gets transformed by the Fernandes’

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Fernandes - VW Clean Brigade (4)This is just a small patch in front of Maria and Augusto Fernandes’ home in Sada. It was an unsightly clutter of rubble and other rubbish till very recently. Their son, Terrance one day decided to do something about it. Their daughter’s upcoming wedding was an added incentive to act on that piece of space. So Terrance set to work transforming the space into something that was organised, clean and a very pleasant sight.

There is now a small lawn with some plants and trees along the border. The neighbours are also very pleased with this change in their lane and the children have a place to sit and play in the evenings. Maria is now keen to add to the green around her home and also set up a terrace kitchen garden. A good example of what a little co-operation among neighbours, effort and initiative can do to improve the ambience of the neighbourhood.

 Fernandes - VW Clean Brigade (3) Fernandes - VW Clean Brigade (1)

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Vasco Watch commences a campaign to highlight and appreciate such positive efforts and act as a motivator to follow in your footsteps. If you or your group is doing such positive work to improve your neighbourhood contact the VASCO WATCH so that your efforts may be highlighted in our publication and act as a catalyst for others to emulate you.