Urban Farming in the our neighbourhood

Hema Unny

Brinjals, beans, bananas, bottle gourd, basil., tapioca, tomatoes, chillies, capsicum, cluster beans, drumsticks, snake gourd, yam, ladies finger, pumpkin, flat beans. All this and more are the fresh veggies that Mrs.Hema Unny grows in her kitchen garden.
Hema discovered and developed her green thumb after moving to her independent home at phase II Rangavi Estate, Issorcim in March 2012
She subconsciously imbibed her garden skills from childhood from her father, who was an avid garden enthusiast.

The success of her initial forays into kitchen gardening spurred her to strive for more and expand her range of vegetables. A certificate from the BSG for a well maintained garden added a fillip to her enthusiasm.
Her family lunch now always has only home grown veggies. “I haven’t bought chillies from the market for over a year” she reveals.
She spends about 2 hours a day tending to the plants and is assisted by Bahadur, her able gardener who visits once a week.
Rakesh her husband provides support with the putting up of a trellis or shade nets and purchasing seeds and manure.
As part of the Goa Kitchen Garden Group and member of the BSG online forum Hema gets a lot of tips and advice on organic vegetable growing techniques.
Hema has shown the way for more citizens to become urban farmers.