The making of a model – Mariette’s story

What is it like being in the focus of a lens?
Vasco Watch had a tetê a tetê with Mariette Valsan – the new face of Garnier hair colour for the south, while she was on an Easter weekend break with her parents who live in our neighbourhood near the MES College.

Modelling came quite by chance to this vivacious, voluble young girl.
While she had what it took to be a model – height, slim build, grace and poise – Mariette never consciously pursued this career avenue. After her post graduation she worked in a PR firm. While she had an aptitude and passion for theatre and being on stage, it was a  I see there is a lot of hard work, professionalism and focus required to make it in this industry.portfolio shot by a friend that set the ball rolling. Calls for auditioning started coming in. Things went into top gear when she was called to audition for the 2011 Kingfisher Calendar event and was among the 13 finalists who went for the final selection event at Udaipur.
Mariette was eliminated in the final five stage, but she caught the eye of the judges and drew considerable appreciation from the organisers for her attitude and panache in the various shoots.
Full time modelling now did seem a viable option for Mariette. With the encouragement of her parents – Cdr. Valsan George, a retired Naval officer and Elisabeth, Principal of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan school, she took the plunge. She hitched her horses to a professional model agency, “Toabh Talents,” that is involved with promoting several international and Indian models. Life then buzzed with frequent auditions and several shoots and Mariette’s modelling career graph started moving northwards.
She has done assignments for Coca Cola, Sundrop, Bombay Times and RMKV. Her photos have adorned the pages of Vogue (Italy). The latest Garnier assignment is a quantum leap for Mariette, as this cosmetic brand always has well known Bollywood celebrities as their face.
Mariette is clear in her priorities. “I did have some initial bias towards modelling as a career. Now having gone through the process, I see there is a lot of hard work, professionalism and focus required to make it in this industry.”
Mariette is quite candid about her dusky skin tone. “I don’t see it as a disadvantage, though there is a subtle bias in some people towards fair skin. Times are changing and clients want models with whom the public can identify with, rather than girls with foreign features and looks.
Moreover I take rejection with equanimity.” Her landing the Garnier assignment is evidence of this paradigm shift in perspectives.
Her keep fit and glowing mantra? Nothing exotic.
Being blessed with a natural athletic slim build (she was a college team basketball, volleyball, swimming and football player and completed the Mumbai Marathon) and not being prone to adding saddle bags is an advantage. She, however, follows a sensible lifestyle. Regular healthy diet, good sleep and not too many late nights.
She believes that learning never stops. She is continuously honing the skills that are required to be the best in this business and has set her sights on Hollywood. She leverages information on the internet in these aspects – “Acting for the Camera” by Michael Caine is on her current study list.
Mariette is a young lady with focus and perseverance. Her aura exudes a self-confidence and maturity that adds to her likeable persona.
Watch out for this face, that we are confident, will be seen with considerable regularity in the media.