Physio Dr. Amanda – Drug free, surgery free, pain relief and healing with no side effects

Dr Amanda Physio

Have an arthritic knee, a sports injury, pre or post partum problems, diabetic wound that is not healing or a host of other conditions that seem persistent?
Perhaps, what you need is proper physiotherapy to alleviate your problem.
Dr. Amanda Coutinho (P.T.), has set up her fully equipped physiotherapy centre at Alto Chicalim that meets the needs of almost all physiotherapy treatments.
Dr. Amanda did her graduation in physiotherapy at the M.V. Shetty College at Mangalore and her Masters at Coimbatore, specialising in Gynaecological problems. She worked for a short stint at St.Johns Hospital at Bengaluru. She came to Goa and joined the MPT Hospital in the year 2000. She was the only person at the MPT hospital Physiotherapy department.. She voluntarily resigned from the M.P.T. in 2012 and set up her own clinic.
Her spacious and well laid out clinic is equipped with all the required physiotherapy machines and equipment.
Her clinic specialises in Laser Therapy which is clinically proven to reduce pain and promote healing with no side effects. This is the only one of its kind in Goa. Pressure sores, bed sores, sciatica, damaged disc, diabetic wounds, etc., can all be effectively treated with laser therapy.
Her care clinic has traction beds, muscle stimulator, paraffin wax bath, shortwave diathermy too.
Dr. Amanda has solutions to your problems and will treat you the physio way – Drug free, surgery free, pain relief and healing with no side effects. The therapeutic exercise will help decrease stiffness and increase joint mobility.

The clinic is located at 59/1, Teoluz Gardens, Lane 6, Beyond Chicalim Cottage Hospital, Chicalim. Timings: 8.30am – 12.30pm & 4pm – 7pm.
Please call Tel No: 9823159261 / 9823159271 to fix your appointment.