Meet Priya Alphonso – Portrait Artist, Dancer, Dog Lover


A student sits through 3years of business administration lectures busy doodling and sketching away in her books.

At the end of it all she realises her calling is in the fine arts and then goes on to do another graduation at the Goa College of Art.
That’s the story of Priya Alphonso – portrait artist of our neighbourhood. Her penchant and special ability to draw dogs perhaps stems from her love for those four legged creatures.
Priya’s tryst with fine arts began from her school days at Busybee School. She regularly won various drawing competitions. Her first portrait was of her brother.

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The anatomical proportions came naturally to her and so began her portraiture journey. Her work includes media like charcoal, pencil as well as mixed media.

Priya loves to teach art and has been doing so from her 2nd year at the Art College. She now teaches art in a few schools in Goa.

Priya’s art panel brightens up the day for children in the Paediatric ward of the Vatsalya Hospital.
Priya is also an accomplished dancer and choreographs for programmes and music videos. She was part of the first Flash Mob dance in Goa.