Malhotras – Adding Punjabi tadka to life in the neighbourhood

Our neighbourhood is a cauldron of people from various regions of our vast land. Each adding their unique flavour to the cultural milieu. Vasco Watch has been highlighting their professional endeavours as well as the cuisines and dishes of the various regions through workshops/demos and featuring places you can get special items not available in restaurants.
We introduce you to a family from the land of the five rivers – Punjab. The Malhotras have now been a part of our neighbourhood for over 4 decades. Vipan Malhotra came to Goa in 1972 and has carved niche in the marine fabrication arena.

Malhotras-(1) Malhotras(4)
The women in the family – Veena and daughter Menka have now forayed into niche services to add to the colour and taste of our neighbourhood .
Read on to see what they have to offer:

Wrapping it up in style

The art of gifting includes not just what is being gifted but the visual presentation of the gift.
Gift wrapping today has become a specialised niche that is sought for special occasions like marriages, anniversaries, special birthdays and other occasions.
Menka Malhotra of our neignbourhood who is a BBA graduate from MES college decided to put her creative skills to provide specialised gift wrapping and special packaging for the people of the neighbourhood. Being well versed in graphic design gave an added fillip to this niche service.


If you have a gift that needs special packaging for a special occasion contact Menka Malhotra.
Menka will customise the gift packaging in keeping with your preferences of colour, style, material and other requirements to create a gift pack that will be unique and attractive.
Special trousseau packaging, gift wrapping of cosmetics, chocolates, cakes, wines, saris, laddoos and just about any other gift that you would like wrapped in a visually appealing package is undertaken by Menka.


Authentic vegetarian dishes from the land of the five rivers

We all have regularly eaten Punjabi dishes at restaurants. But does this stuff have the authentic home-made taste of the region? Not really.
Veena Malhotra has therefore ventured to fill this niche. She provides a wide range of authentic vegetarian Punjabi dishes made with freshly ground masalas and ingredients.
Her fledgling service can now cater to family and small group requirements.


Sample Veena Malhotra’s tasty fare

Atta Gobi in Peshawari style. A lip smacking dish made from wheat flour and cauliflower and ZERO OIL.
Veg Fish Fry. – A unique dish with NO FISH. We won’t tell you the secret recipe – try it and be amazed.
Dum Arbi – something out of the ordinary. A good change from the regular Dum Aloo.
A wide range of stuffed parathas and tawa rotis, Punjabi Samosa and Punjabi Pakoda Kadhi, bread rolls, gajar halwa, kheer, chutneys and much more!
The dishes are reasonably priced and they have an authentic homemade flavour.
You need to place the order minimum 3 hours in advance and there is home delivery for orders above Rs 1500/-
Contact Tel 9762311401 /9637372463