Fresh, Hot Appams?

Yes – it’s available right here in our neighbourhood at Snacks Corner

This is a simple story of diligence and hard work. All to keep the home and hearth warm.

Rajan Nanu came to Goa in 1970 in search of employment.
He initially worked as a helper / assistant for a welder earning a princely sum of Rs.3/- per day.
After a year at this job, his brother who was in the navy, got him a job as a deck hand on a barge owned by the Salgaocars. After a 3 to 4 year stint on this barge, he worked on barges of other companies for 5 years. He then did a training course at the Marine Institute at Britona which qualified him as an Oil man in the engine room of a barge.
When the proprietor of the barge expired and he was laid off, for sheer economic survival he started an Aluminium fabrication enterprise that did not work out. He then took on small contracts with the MPT for some time.

Life was tough. A friend advised him to set up a bakery.
Rajan then took up a shop on the MES College Road. He set about working out the perfect recipe and technique of preparing appam batter and making them on the curved tava. After some trial and error he perfected the procedure.
Rajan’s Snacks Corner is the only place in our neighbourhood and perhaps in Goa where you can get authentic fresh hot appams.
He serves appams with a spicy mixed vegetable or egg curry. The perfect complementary side dish.
His stock of batter lasts till about lunchtime by which time he has made and served fresh off the tava about 80 to 100 appams.

Besides appam and curry, Snacks Corner also serves Dal Vada, Urd Vada, Samosas, Chilli Bajji, pav, buns, and hot tea.
His regular clientele includes bachelors and office-goers grabbing a tasty bite before proceeding to work. College students who skipped breakfast at home to get to college on time also later quell their hunger pangs with his appams.
Rajan is assisted by his wife and daughter in his snack corner.
Rajan Nanu has now created an entrepreneurial niche with his fresh hot off the tava appams and curry.
Try them out and you will certainly want to go back for more.

Rajan’s Snacks Corner is on the MES College Road, Zuarinagar.

For take away orders call Rajan on 9665555322. Large orders will have to be placed a day in advance.