Dairy Dudes – Milking entrepreneurship


The budding generation goes through the grind of exams and qualification with the hope that they can find employment and economic sustenance as well as that most important ingredient – satisfaction. In the course of trying to tread the path to satisfaction, most opt for traditional well-worn avenues. But Ankit Desai and Vijay Dubal took the courageous step of veering off the beaten track.

Ankit has also been pursuing his passion for swimming, windsurfing and diving from a very young age. Vijay is also a diver and computer buff and owns a cybercafe. This duo make an ideal team that thinks out of the box for career and vocation options which led to the concept of a commune dairy farm.

The Krishna Dairy Farm was conceptualised as a part of an activity to develop a small commune where the neighbourhood benefits from the supply of fresh and pure milk. They set up the cowshed in Chicalim and procured quality breed cows. At present they have cows of the Jersey, Sindhi and Sahiwal breeds. Running a dairy farm needs knowledge, discipline and hard work. Ankit honed his dairy farming knowledge and skills through a course at the Govt. Farm at Mollem. His day begins every morning at 4.45 a.m., with cleaning, milking and feeding the cows and calves. They commenced milk supply in December 2012. Fresh milk reaches the doorstep of several homes within half an hour of milking.

Ankit and Vijay plan to expand their production and distribution by setting up another commune for a suitable locality and stocking it with quality breed cows.
Their long term vision is to provide the local commune with all the daily essentials like milk, vegetables, fish and spices sourced from places where fresh quality items can be procured at reasonable rates.
With the steep escalation in prices of food items and other daily essentials, perhaps this commune concept is the best way to create a win-win situation for the producers as well as consumers.
Yes, this is the way to go, young path breakers !

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