Abracadabra – Meet the magician in our midst

Appolo Magic

There is no magic wand to wish away price rise, corruption, and other ills the country faces, claim our leaders.
But there is a magician in our midst who can make us forget these gloomy thoughts – even if it is for a short while – and liven up our spirits.
Meet Apolinario Teles – a.k.a Jadugar Apollo.
His trek into the world of magic began with the selling of magic kits and simple props at the Saptah in the early 90s. He then met Mr Jaishankar, President All India Magicians Academy in 1994.
Mr. Jaishankar, from whom Apollo (as he is called) was procuring the magic kits, convinced him to also learn the technique of performing magic tricks.
He learnt the blindfolded motorbike riding trick. His first performance of this trick was at the Carnival parade many years ago, when he rode blind folded through Swatantra Path ahead of King Momo’s float.
Apollo then delved deeper into the world of magic and started performing at birthdays, parties, and other occasions. He is now a full time professional stage magician and has performed all over Goa as well as at Karwar. He was even once helo-lifted to perform on board a naval ship off Karwar. He has staged magic shows during Ganesh Chaturti festivities along with fellow magicians from Gujarat.

Lookout for Jadugar Apollo’s stall at the coming Saptah. The stall will be located opposite Kamat Nursing Home in the lane adjacent to Hotel La Paz Gardens. He will be teaching magic tricks to children as well as selling some magic kits.
He has a contract with the Hotel Leela Palace for the coming season to entertain the guest’s children.
Jadugar Apollo is known as a child specialist. He has a knack for getting children involved in his shows. He then teaches them some basic magic routines after the show.
He is the only magician in Goa who performs tricks with live animals like rabbit, dove and white mice.
Apollo has also trained several youngsters working as stewards and crew onboard cruise ships. These boys then table- hop on the ships entertaining the guests and earn handsome tips. He said the stewards in star hotels with such additional abilities are preferred and even get promoted faster.
Apollo attends various conventions for Magicians to interact with the performing magician fraternity and to update his knowledge and techniques.
Apollo has plans to conduct regular classes to train aspiring magicians. He has already trained four magicians.
He supplies magic kits. He also provides animal and cartoon characters for parties and other occasions.
Apollo’s recounts his most satisfying experience in his years of performing magic. “An old man came to my stall at Campal Grounds with a child who would not talk due to some psychological handicap. I taught this child some simple magic tricks which would require him to talk to explain the tricks he was doing. The following year that child came to my stall again. To my utter surprise he was talking and expressing himself. Performing magic had helped him overcome his phobias and diffidence and had given him new confidence. ”

Jadugar Apollo can be contacted on Tel: 2516027 / 9822135183.