Weathering Water Woes

An article in the newspaper a few days ago informed that the water crisis in Mormugao would take another week to be resolved.
A few days ago on a post on some WhatsApp group highlighted a very simple innovative way in which a school in Pimpri, near Pune, overcame a chronic water shortage. The students were instructed to empty the remaining water in their water bottles before leaving school into containers placed at various exit points around the school.
With a student population of around 1600 the school collected around 200-300 litres per day.
The students also observed with a stopwatch that a dripping tap wasted up to 200ml water in 5mins. The need to conserve water was thus brought into the consciousness of every student – who also took this message home.
The school premises are now lush green with enough water to mop the floors, for flushing, for the playground grass and their kitchen garden project.
Schools in our locality too could implement such simple effective methods of conservation of precious natural resources and build such values into the consciousness of the future adult citizens of our country.
Quite obviously it is the little drops that make the mighty oceans.

Read the full article on this project here 


  1. Hina Shaikh Lal
    Hina Shaikh Lal04-03-2016

    Water conservation is not taken seriously in Goa as such. Vasco should adopt practices of Rain water harvesting also. Schools can do a lot in implementing in educating and implementing these changes. Kudos to the school that has taken the first step. Now if only the rest of us listen and learn.

    • Vasco Watch
      Vasco Watch04-07-2016

      Yes! Vasco is an ideal locality to begin this kind of conservation of our natural resources. It can easily begin with schools or even residential societies. For now I think those conscious of the evident issues can do their part by not wasting water and other resources at the daily life level.
      Thank you for your interest and we appreciate your comment. More citizens need to join this discussion to make it a movement.